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Snow Removal

Canadian Commercial Roof Snow Removal

Why have a Snow removal plan?

Snow accumulation on flat roofs can pose a safety problem, as the weight of the snow can exceed the safe carrying capacity of the roof. As rooftop snow melts, the accumulation of water can also cause leaks. Hand-shoveling snow off the roof is one of the few options available if the snow load on a flat roof reaches an unacceptable level.

Flat roofs can cave in under the weight of built-up snow. Slanted roofs typically are less of a concern because the snow falls off and the pressure is not much of a worry. Cleaning snow off a roof can protect the roofing system and building from damage caused by excessive weight load. It is important to remove snow after a heavy storm to keep the damage to a minimum.

Gather 1 cubic foot of snow, melt it and weigh the water. If the water in 1 cubic foot of snow weighs 4 pounds, for example, and there is an average snow depth on the roof of 2 feet, the average load on the roof is 8 pounds per square foot.

The NRPA has experienced snow removal professionals that can remove this potentially serious snow weight risk safely and efficiently to protect your roofing assets and extend your roofing life cycle.

Please contact us so we can devise a snow removal plan to suit your needs.